Bristol Harbour Festival 2012 at Thekla

This year, as in previous years, the Thekla will be hosting a full programme of live music over the Bristol Harbour Festival weekend. In addition to our regular live stage, this year we have added an acoustic stage on the top deck.

Here are the acts playing at the Thekla:

Man Without Country
Karin Park
John E Vistic
The Bronze Medal
The Rinky Dinks
In Gratitude
Million Way
Bravo Brave Bats
Cassette Culture
Falling Stacks
The Blood Choir
The Radiant Sounds Of Dust
Wave n400
Dear Leaders
Beyond Rivers
I Am Horse
Ben Turner
Burning Bandits
Liam Blake
Martin Aloysius
Lenny Savage
Ieuan Williams
Follow The Sun
Simon Anning
Emma McNeill
Lonely Tourist
Tremolo Ghosts
Sound Of The Sirens

Bristol Harbour Festival takes place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July 2012.